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Yes, Terrorists are losers and so are we

Yes, Terrorists are losers and so are we

Yes, Terrorists are losers and so are we


“They’re losers. And we’ll have more of them, but they’re losers.” – Donald Trump


When i was 12 years old, on march 4th 1996, i witnessed the explosion caused by a suicide bomber that has detonated himself on a busy street in front of big mall in centre of Tel Aviv. What i remember clearly from that day is the flashing orange light of the explosion, the sirens sounds, and the broken glass on the road. What i remember from the days that followed the news that the bomber head’s apparently has rolled and was found under the ATM machine.

My world has changed forever, the game become both real and unreal, the path of the wounded warrior had opened right there between the broken glasses.

At 18 i joined the Israeli army, not because i wanted to, but rather because it was what everyone around me did. At the time it seemed like the responsible things to do, my civil and social duty as a young israeli man. The three years of my obligatory service in the army were for me like an absurd semi – reality game of smoke and mirrors. My memories seem more like a film or slide show than like a real experience. I took many photos in those days, probably because it allowed me to become an observer, to not be there, to absent myself from a world of orders and fear. What orders? well many orders, random orders, nonsense orders, and what  fear? Well not so much the feeling of being afraid, i cannot remember moments i was afraid in, even though it would have be a ting of common sense, but i rather remember fear it’s smell, it’s shape, it’s color. when i was 21 i was left with many questions, questions about how did i get there, why did i survive and why and what was it all about..  and then there were the nights, nights without dreams, full of shadows, nightmares and deep deep emptiness.

Yes, Terrorists are losers and so are we

It took me many many years to regain my creativity and dreams, it will take me still more to regain fully my hope, my happiness, my soul.  What helped me in my path was theatre, love, dreams, true friendship, and many amazing people i came across, beautiful people, brave people, wounded people, wandering souls on the everwinding path of universal healing.

In the win – lose game we believe that in order for someone to win someone else needs to lose, and if someone else is winning it probably means i am losing. A win – lose game is actually not about winning at all, a win – lose game is actually about not losing, it is game of scarcity, of borders and walls. In the win – lose game we need an enemy to know who we are, we need someone to blame in everything bad that happens, we need conspiracy so we could excuse ourselves from action.  When it happens that one side keeps on losing and faith in his ability to win is also lost, then he find ways to change the rules and disturb the game. Terrorism is turning the tables on a rigged game of power in which there are actually no winners at all, there are just different degrees and types of losers. Some lose their lives, some lose their identity, some lose their dreams and some, like me, lose their souls.

For us to return to who we are to what we had came here to be we need to listen deeply and remember that there is only one game we came here to play, it is called life and the only way to win this game is consciousness and the only rules are love, freedom and responsibility.

To win again we need to return home, to ourselves, to our bodies, to dance our dance and to play the game, the game of life, the game for life. To find our voice, to find our soul.

Acerca del autor

Uri Noy Meir

Uri, a photographer, theatre director and video artist, is engaged in activating communities through Theatre of the Oppressed and Participatory Photography.

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