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What is composition about?

What is composition about?

What is composition about?

As a part of composition, the process of it might be interestingly paid attention to. Different composing process may change the path where a piece was probably going to and the expectation about how a piece was built up. I found there were two ways, quite in the opposite, to achieve. Some of the composers preferred to structure as a whole and keep every details be in carefully entire control. This was a completely intellectual work, which displayed how master a composer took advantage of materials, made the most benefit of them and the understanding of the strength as music was born with itself. In a work under this kind of process, it could be found the entirely coherent of musical ideas and wisdom in its extreme through the usage of even a single note which held an incredible weight in the significance of a work. In the opposite, some of the works were handed over the great determinant to performers. Some of the composers introduced the thought “free of control” into their process, that there was going to have performing indication under which a free-style improvisation controlled by performers based on an outline of every given aspects like length, notes, rhythmic pattern and articulation which might be varied by different composers. This related to some of my works based on improvisational writing, which, on the one hand, produced a great surprising unexpectation that reflected a “true moment”, as I termed, of affection. On the other hand, it experimented endless possibilities of creation that made a piece reborn with its performance each time.

In the last part but not the least, I would like to stand in the central of composition. What is composition about? And what is it to my life? This is a lifelong inquiry. I have spent more than a decade on writing. I reviewed the way that I walked along and I felt that composing has been a partner to my soul. Whenever I was composing, I was having a conversation to myself and this was the process that I was pouring out with all my affection and expectation to the partner. As a reward, I was sometimes getting a compliment, but sometimes ironic, sardonic, disdainful and unconfident. I found that the more I was acquainted with the partner, the more I was analysing and questioning myself. At a time, I was getting lost in my writing and the atmosphere of desperation controlled entirely on me. But composing itself is confused like life dose and it needs to be understood with a growing mind. I felt that composing was more likely generated from individual custom and it was born with who I am. Thus, that I have been thinking and asking about composing is going to travel continually as long as where I am stepping on.

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