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We Glow!

We Glow!

We Glow!


(Stirring his cup with a spoon.)

I’m a little worried about the death of someone.

A thing that came up in your last letter.

Usually i don’t need a coffee to get started,

because It is something that my body has learned

throughout the years.

(He enters.)


6:45. It was winter, Woke up.

First day of the week.

Had to go to work.

170 kilometres and back, everyday.

I am a day dreamer.

I don’t want coffee, I prefer green tea.

It is something that my body has learned.

When you go near, they don’t understand what life is, they guess.

For a long time they lived in the opposite of courage,

wanted everything under certain conditions.

7 o’clock in the morning and I was quickly walking through Areos square.

My eyes trapped in a specific angle, looking ahead.


Additionally she told me:

‘You do not remember that money up on this little bit of shiny glass?

If so I’ll revise everything available and possible,

to borrow that money for the fate of the Honourable.’

(Embraces him and weeps quietly.)


7:15. I took the train. Petralona station. Sigh!

I recall the sharp teeth…of this beautiful brown/yellow moray eel,

blend with the beautiful waters. Total fascination.




At the same time, only having them around you,

it was just the beginning to know

how to manage the situation, to guess,

to predict, with whom you should have business with.


Five days a week, everyday.

7:25. A city in melancholy, weak.


7:40. I saw a man saying that the spirit from above, is oppressive.

‘What would you do?’ He asked me.

I laughed politely. Kindness, I believe, is sometimes rude. Silence is better.


This time I replied to her:

‘If you hear that, show me the love of it in the beginning,

because I’m a little worried about those records, although they fit

with everything that mechanically fits in this.

He will be jealous and he will send you a package of vinegar bottles

for this amazing story and its B’.

B is everything you can imagine from the material world.

(She laughs.)
7:50. I ordered a cup of green tea. Keep waiting…

Finally we set off to Arcadia.

During the trip Ι was daydreaming.

Often I don’t understand the speed that sets my pace.

I walk fast to get out of the city as soon as possible.

I remember clearly those sharp teeth…

18:30 and I am back from work.

I will have a glass of whatever drink is in my fridge.

Do my laundry and have dinner.

This time of the year I prefer to be alone.

Not even speak for a long time.

Like  four or five days let’s say. To make a personal best record.

Try not to speak for a week.

It is so difficult to hide from everybody these days.

(Rapt in thought.)


Anyway, after the end of this deal, focus,

because he is about to begin spelling my name

and at that moment he will argue

that we need another sleeping pill.


They were unable to speak at all.


The thing is that Ebzner

was inspired by the Universe and Time.

(He exits.)


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Dimitris Foutris

This poem by Dimitris Foutris was presented as part of a video installation in his solo exhibition enititled B is everything you can imagine from the material world, in Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, 2016.

Acerca del autor

Galini Lazani

Museologist / Curator

Curator en ILEANA TOUNTA Contemporary Art Center


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