NEMESIA 6: The Waterwalk

Nemesia 6: The Waterwalk by Krišjānis Zeļģis & SJ Fowler


S – Krisjanis walks quickly


K – I was very thirsty


S – He had been drinking liquid, but only liquid. Fasting makes you drunk


K – but all the shops nearby where already closed


S – Krisjanis was not in London, but in some other place, that exists, even if you don’t think it does.


K – but then suddenly in the middle of the street I found 


S – he stooped down, his back twitched


K – an unopened bottle of mineral water


S – I would be suspicious. Poison. But Latvian’s are trusting


K – I had a sip and continued my walk home wandering


S – He suspects nothing. Does good fortune visit the beautiful so often?


K – how on earth God knew the moment so precisely 


S – how is God on earth, in precise moments?


K – to send me this amazing Belarussian mineral water


S – white russians, amazement, minerals, mining


K – a really good PR stunt 


S – even God needs public relations


K – and the water was really good


S – tasted liquidy but also solid, gritty


K – but it falls a bit short of making me a believer 


S – the quenched thirst removes the need for God


K – As the God is gone for the picture

S – the mysterious picture that is composed of stupid books, novels

thirst comes back with a tidy vengeance

K – Steven is following a guy with a mineral water

S – He looked at Krisjanis funny

K – where can this lead

S – the cemetery or the bedroom?

K – is this a game for him to follow people around

S – would I admit, in public, that I am not only capable of evil but

K – counting steps and sips

S- smells and scents

K – Steven always wanted to know how a Belarus water tastes like

S – Krisjanis always wanted to tell me how a Belarus water tastes like

K – it tastes like a salty rock whispers cat in a dark window

S – it tastes like sour mud screams dog in a light wall

K – but in a good way says fox glaring from a bin

S – but in a bad way says cat blinking from a street

K – I am sure somewhere along the way he will discover water again

S – I am sure somewhere along the way I will become dry again

K – Steven are you thirsty?

S – Krisjanis will you drink?



K – No. Like a machine that cannot stop when started

S – A meat machine that needs water like petrol

K – the walk drags walkers inside and crushes them

S – They should’ve owned a car, or horse

K – water drops from its mouth

S – A horse that is neither Swedish, Polish nor Russian rule, but Baltic German aristocracy

K – the last precious water is wasted

S – dribbled

K – this is already a long night

S – thirst slows time

K – heavier and firmer steps touch the tarmac

S – thirst weights the soul

K – turning into a dragging move

S – dry dragging leaves burns

K – Always beasts lurking in the shadows

S – a single finger on your shoulder

K – Last sip to the gods and small pagan spirits

S – Laumas, spīganas, vilkati

K – and I pour the rest of the water on the ground

S – in memorial

K – but keep the bottle body with no soul for recycling


K – Like water

S – which our bodies are not made of

K – there is no end to this

S – there is no getting dry

K – We cannot really get rid of water

S – it drowns us, if we’re lucky unlucky

K – It will always follow

S – it will always leak, like an old bladder

K – Always flows

S – always needed, neverending, like the cleaning of a house

K – drips and soaks

S – wets

K – As a reminder

S – we don’t need

K – that we are not gods

S – barely monkeys

K – Not even close to it

S – Oceans away

K – We are pollutants

S – Oil in water

K – Growing cancer cells

S – Like cactus in a dessert

K – floating In the endless ocean of life

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