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Nemesia 5: Brief and inaccurate notes on Slovenian poets (2019)

Nemesia 5: Brief and inaccurate notes on Slovenian poets (2019)

Nemesia 5: Brief and inaccurate notes on Slovenian poets (2019)

Morten Langeland and SJ Fowler

Muanis Sinanovic drinks more ethiopian coffee than Balzac, constantly reaching out for the ‘shaky handstyle’ where his T’s looks both like a limping crow and a luxury yacht he once baptized in Nice, France.

Amadej Kraljevič, who is taller than you, and therefore, is better than you. Who is a fully grown man, who has been places, and has taken on board your helpful, if unsolicited advice. Who knows things you don’t, like what its like to break both your fucking arms and still go on to hold a big fat golden pen and write stories about birds and feelings and other classical poetry subjects.

What most of you don’t know about Natasa Velikonja I won’t tell you. I am no snitch. Rumour has it she’s the inventor of a famous children’s whispering game. The game’s been going non-stop consecutively for 500 months. I asked her about the game but she just mumbled something inaudible. I guess we’re all playing it.

Nina Dragičević who is obviously not someone to mess with, poetry wise, who is a poet’s poet, who’ll blurb your new book even before you ask her to do so and you don’t intend to do so, because she won’t like your ems, because they are bad,

Tibor Hrs Pandur won the award for coolest name, yet the award was taken away from him due to Tibor being, I quote the jurys verdict «too much of a Don Juan». But jurys are like rabbits in the claws of tigers. If you see the tiger … We’ll too late rabbit, so don’t mind the mind. Tibor, you deserve the prize.

Anja Novak who’ll give you a ticket – to a show – and you’ll go – and you’ll think that ticket is valid – but it has expired – because is doing the poetry for tomorrow which you ain’t at yet and arguably, given what you’re like, you’ll never be there, because Anja is in front of you, whether you like that or not, the laws of physics don’t bend and I can’t tell you why that is, I don’t know, because I’m behind Anja.

Bine Debeljak is au-natural. Bine will fix you up. With sewing, thinking, cooking, non-dodgy- dog-walkin’, sailing, peeling fruit, fencing, computer-related-problems like changing the date on tickets and printing them, and other related activities which arise from the practise of writing poems.

Lukas Debeljak is naturally someone to go to if you need help. Lukas will help you. With climbing, editing, dancing, non dodgy massage, kayaking, swampfighting, archery, animation, shuttling, bonding, warring, wombing and any other activities which arise from the practise of writing silly poems.

Ana Pepelnik. Will not make boring art. Birds will float in the same place in the heavens. Particularity is unique yet widespread. As Ana knows: Interpretation is not the most important thing in poetry. Nor in shopping. There’s a refurbishment in my chest. The hour we knew nothing about eachother, just ended.

Andreja Stepec who likes cats more than people, even when the people are cats and the cats are people, like in old Egypt or films with michelle Pfeiffer who Andreja wouldn’t have coffee with even if she lived in Ljubljana because there’s poems to be written and she don’t have time for faded Hollywood stars,

We all know Gregor Podlogar as a fine poet-philosopher who once wrote a book called A million seconds closer (Million Sekunde Blitzé). It sure sounds like far away: A million seconds! But in real-time its’s only eleven days. Very little, almost nothing. Gregor invented this and a million more things. Gregor. Blitzé.

Gašper Torkar who is a former murderer but not of people, of words, because Gasper didn’t actually kill anyone just that’s a metaphor for being successful and when he found poetry outside of prison in the 21st century it began late 70s which was no joke in san francisco maaan and gasper came out of that ready for change and ready to see some sunlight like the rest of us but he dealt with that better than you did

SJ Fowler. The wrestler who went poet. The side-kick who stole the show must go on. Only Steven knows what the J in his name stands for. But it’s likely to be understood amongst the star-constellations: The original JC. Christ. Jay Z by BeyonCe. Michael J Fox. Nigerian football-player Jay Jay Okocha. Swedish jeans-desginer J Lindeberg. And OH, of course, OJ.

Morten Langeland well you know you can see for yourself the alpha the omega the hot sausage poetry warrior.

Mariborchanka, Nesta Struc, good evening. Hannibal and his men crossed the Alps by elephants. Isn’t it more beautiful to cross the Alps by the flying elephant – Dumbo – with a ticket from Air France? The alps were freezing and wearing winter clothes, just like Nesta Strucs poetry: Freezing, but wearing warm words.

Nika Prusnik Kardum is a magician, Nika Nika Nika Nika a horse whisperer, a ringleader, a peacemonger, a flagbearer, a throat singer, a carrot in the teeth, a nice person and someone I would let babysit my pets

Max Höfler’s home page says it all: Here you won’t find out anything at all! And when you press that text it says: Really anything at all. And when you press that text it says: Anything at all! And when you press that text it says: Here you won’t fint out anything at all! And when you press that text it says: Really anything at all. And when you press that text it says: Anything at all!

Sergej Harlamov is someone who you all know well as the face of a new generation of chefs but that’s not it, that’s not all it is, who also writes poems in Ljubljana or Copenhagen because that’s the kind of city where they have these poets who need to be replaced

Endre Ruset’s name means, translated from norwegian: CHANGE INTOXIACTED. A poet who’s named both ‘change’ and ‘intoxicated’ could have a hard time getting away with it. Jokes are endless. But I haven’t heard anyone, ever, in any situation, poke fun out of Endre Rusets name. Maybe because he sleeps twenty hours a day, and once crossed his home-country by foot. Just like japanese haiku master Basho.

Alenka Jovanovski who has the burden of dealing with a difficult task this evening but is more than ready and willing to take on a challenge, as has been the way, from the start, and all you haters can suck it because alenka is here to show you

Nemesia Brief and inaccurate notes on Slovenian poets

Acerca del autor

Steven J Fowler

SJ Fowler is a writer, poet and artist who lives in London.

His work has been commissioned by Tate Modern, BBC Radio 3, Somerset House, Tate Britain, the London Sinfonietta, Kettle’s Yard, UNESCO, Whitechapel Gallery, Southbank Centre, National Centre for Writing, National Poetry Library, Science Museum and Liverpool Biennial amongst others.

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