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Nemesia #2: We could try

Nemesia #2: We could try

Nemesia #2: We could try

In the second of this series of new poetic collaborations exclusive for Wazo, poet and artist SJ Fowler presents poems written with contemporary poets from across Europe. In this article SJ Fowler collaborates with the Finnish poet Pauli Tapio.

The driver is friendly, not unwary, and as we wait

I am looking forward,
to avoid the sickness caused through travel
within cars, to avoid puking
on the console, because
I feel a need to be pleasing.

It is then that I am reminded of Epictetus saying
something brief and rhythmical about accepting fate.

You have to be, on the roads,
neurolinked, to avoid being aggressive with your second
There could be one hundred tunnels
and some people would still vomit.

I am reminded of Paracelsus saying something Epictetus
might’ve said. I am reminded of Diogenes Laertius,
a ghost I can imagine retching,

when the ________1 sets in: who speaks,
what hides in the I, and what knees are those
that like balding men discourse upon
the clutch the brake the gas the clutch the brake?

In an arcade, I feel one knee
then the other, and think of thanks,
for riding this book with me,
though ____2 became disturbed
yesterday, when The Fearing Mind started thinking about the use of an ___3
Is it immoral?
Is that a good thing?
To have thought about these things before, of course, is the reminder one needs
to get up, for work.
But this,
it has made me really feel ____4 quite viscerally.
It’s like a border, towards more than one.


I had to transfer the ___ to a ___
and then into a separate file. This became too unwieldy. See inside.
May the spirit increase
in the ever descreasing playfulness of ___

1 A regularly recurrent quantitative change in a variable biological process
2 hyperlink
3 A mental discipline involving waking up in the night to contemplate the problems of one’s consciousness being uploaded onto a mainframe
4 Wit with his wantonness / Tasteth death’s bitterness; / Hell’s executioner / Hath no ears for to hear / What vain art can reply. / I am sick, I must die. / Lord have mercy on us!

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Wazo Magazine es la revista colaborativa gratuita de Wazo Coop. Se trata de una publicación social que da acceso a personas voluntarias que contribuyen a su realización aportando artículos relacionados con proyectos de industrias creativas e innovación social.

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