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Mind Map Stories

Mind Map Stories

Mind Map Stories

Human beings are at their highest point of creativity when they are 5 years old. From then on, it get’s lost. Mainly because, as we grow up, we become more rational and we are told to think in a box. In order to make money, human beings started to squelch our creative side. Next to that, we now live in an era of possibilities and zero decisions. Sociologist will look back at us in a hundred years and talk about the generation who could not choose, nor prioritize. We now have so many things on our to do list we get foggy in the head.

Mind mapping is one of the best ways to make choices, to unleash our creativity and make decisions in that free thinking.

The history of mind mapping starts about 50 years ago. Tony Buzan introduced it as a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain. It harnesses the full range of cortical skills. He mainly used it to improve our learning skills.

Mind Map Stories

A mind map is not a difficult thing. Basically, we all did it as we were young when we learned brain storming techniques at school. Putting a word in the middle of the paper and writing everything down that we connect with that word. In a mind map these ideas have more structure.

A mind map is a graphical tool that can incorporate words, images, numbers, colors,…

As a student, I always learned by writing everything down. If I didn’t, I believed I was failing in school. Suffering from this terrible performance anxiety, I was send to a tutor and that is where I discovered the magic of mind mapping. Very soon it became my way of taking notes. As one day my parents read my diary, (and believe me as a sixteen year old, that is terrible, I got grounded whole summer)/ So, but after that had happened, I started using the mind mapping technique to write down the amazing successes and failures of my life in a mind map as well. That’s how Mind Map Stories was born for me. I discovered I could write everything I wanted and in sush a way that I wanted. I added drawings and after a while, my drawing began to develop. I discovered I had unleashed my creativity. Soon I also began to think more creative and out of the box then before. This helped me a lot in my business and in my personal life. Today I still use it to study, I make notes when I listen to interesting talks, and I also began to set my goals out through a passion road map. That is a goal setting for the next months, years and a life-time goal. I interview people, assist events and all I do is visually harvest what is said. Words, drawings, color, … Since 2016 I give workshops. Introductions to mind mapping, inspirational days where we work out goals and make choices, I do personal mind mapping sessions with individuals to map their story of to visualize their ideas. I often reveal the inner potential through mind mapping and in my creative afternoon sessions, entrepreneurs work around their business and personal life. The results are amazing. They feel inspired, they have new ideas and they see their thoughts more clearly. That is the power of Mind Map Stories!

Mind Map Stories

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