I fear my best work behind me.

I fear my best work behind me.

An art book exploring poetry as a fractured, overwhelmed, handwritten victim of colour, brutalist child-like portraiture, abstract illustration and negative space. Published by Leeds-based publisher Stranger Press, who have championing contemporary underground avant-garde British poets in the north west and beyond, I fear my best work behind me marks a point of natural growth besides and away from the formal domination of clean, centre aligned poetry in the UK into a new field for my work, increasingly text as much as poetry. strangerpress.com

The volume features works published by Oxford Poetry, Test Centre magazine, Gorse Magazine, Fractalia and others, and an example can be found online or below.

Steven Fowler I fear my best work behind me.

The works call back to the post-war and latter 20th century explorations of Henri Michaux, Jacques Racquet and the CoBrA group especially – Christian Dotremont, Pierre Alechinsky, Asger Jorn, Lucebert, Gerrit Kouwenaars, Karel Appel – who have been enormously influential on my thinking and work. This book is a reconnection to their principles and practises, knowing it to be familiar ground, but one rarely tread and increasingly necessary in a still predominantly colourless medium.

Three works from the book were published as a Limited Edition postcard set by Stranger Press for the Poetry Book Fair in London, September 2017.


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