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EVA MITALA floating within

Ileana Tounta- EVA MITALA floating within

EVA MITALA floating within.

Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center presents the solo show of Eva Mitala, titled floating within.

Eva Mitala follows up on her work on silkscreen printing and presents on the 1st floor of Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center her second solo exhibition. The compositional structure and intuitive touch of her creation lead to unique abstract silkscreens of various sizes, printed on paper and cotton.

Eva Mitala_floating within_

Mitala creates a language of things in process, interested in poetic irregularity and variability which are difficult to mass produce even with the medium of silkscreen. Stepping on the irregularities of experimental silkscreen techniques with its defaults and errors, the artist is interested in the imagistic element of the unfinished and suggests an irregular cropping, editing and combining of actions in her practice. The produced images involve an element of risk and uncertainty and focus on the look and feel of things, clearly defining that no form or element in any piece shall stand out above any other.

Eva Mitala_floating within_

Marita Tatari, associate professor in Ruhr University Bochum, writes about Eva Mitala’s latest work: “Tracing back our digitally conditioned present to one of the very first reproduction-techniques –silkscreen prints on paper and cotton – Eva Mitala confronts plain, layered printed surfaces with the living materiality of time. Gaps, spots, patches, the real fading of the organic materials used for the prints expose the printed surfaces to transiency, contingence, evanescence. Uniquely related to nothingness out of which emerge the drift of time – life –, the layered surfaces reveal their own becoming as the singularity of a living now. It’s not about experiencing what is depicted, it is about awareness: floating within, be this now, be the living plasticity and ever-new transformations of matter opened-up in Mitala’s works – be the relational excess that makes up and recasts our present.”

Acerca del autor

Galini Lazani

Museologist / Curator

Curator en ILEANA TOUNTA Contemporary Art Center


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