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Call for papers: Values Education of Social Economy through creative methods

Call for papers: Values Education of Social Economy through creative methods.

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The Editorial Board of Wazo Magazine, free collaborative magazine published by Wazo Coop (ISSN 2444-1201),  presents a Call for Papers for the Autumn 2020 Issue. 

Wazo Magazine is a social journal supported by worldwide professionals who presents articles in spanish and english about Creative Cultural Industries and Social and Solidarity Economy. It is published every season in digital format to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint on www.wazomagazine.com 

The topic for this call is Values Education of Social Economy through creative methods. Autumn 2020 Issue will compile informative articles about educational projects and experiences to promote values and principles of social and solidarity economy by means of creative-based methods.

Topics to be addressed in Values Education of Social Economy through creative methods:

  • Value education:  Training process that comprehense a perspective based in ethics, respect and civility to train citizen with principles. 
  • Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). Ethical and values-based approach to economic development that prioritizes the welfare of people and planet, over profits and blind growth.
  • Creative Methods: Processes that implement innovative and useful techniques and results for Value Education in Social and Solidarity Economy. For example by means of Creative Cultural Industries (content derived from cultural, artistic or heritage origins)

Paper selection

Proposals on topics addressing ethical development and values of the social and solidarity economy by means of creative-based methods for Lifelong Learning: Youth (school, high school… ) and Adults (University, vocational training…) 

Deadline for paper submissions

1st of September 2020

Submission guidelines 

Please send an email to the address calltoaction@wazogate.com attaching the following files:

  • Article:
    • Format .docx
    • Font: Times New Roman 12
    • Inclusive language
    • Text: Justify and indentation
    • Language: Spanish or English.
    • Length:  Between 2000 and 4000 characters (including spaces).
    • The file of the article should be labeled with the name of the author and the title as follows: Surname_Name_Title.docx
  • Images:
    • Just in case you are the owner of the photos
    • High resolution images
    • Please do not include images on the .docx file
    • Please attach them in the email or send them via Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer…
  • Copy of a valid identification (i.e. Passport)

Download guidelines here

About Wazo Coop

Wazo Coop is spanish non-profit cooperative that generates positive impact in rural areas

We empower people for rural areas to promote positive impact in local communities. We cooperate and develop projects for social transformation of rural areas, we promote participatory leadership by means of innovation and creativity methods for positive changes. 

Discover our work on www.wazo.es


Acerca del autor

Wazo Magazine es la revista colaborativa gratuita de Wazo Coop. Se trata de una publicación social que da acceso a personas voluntarias que contribuyen a su realización aportando artículos relacionados con proyectos de industrias creativas e innovación social.

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