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An Earthly Matter

An Earthly Matter

An Earthly Matter

Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center presents the group show titled An Earthly Matter, with participating artists Christie Boutsai, Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou, Alkistis Mavrokefalou.

In the exhibition An Earthly Matter, in the work of the three artists there is a common «act» on the emancipation of the form to a name. The wider fiction that is taking place reveals the relationship of a subject, of a non-conscious «ego,» into a compulsion universe as to the definition of memory. At the «crossing» of their conceptual paths, the multiplicity of materials they use includes, among others, plaster, lace, wood, thread, silver, as well as the imaginary element of non-existing entities. The phenomenological boundaries between consciousness and the world, the reconstruction of personal memory, raise nostalgia and reflection.

An Earthly Matter

The event can be defined as a point if it is perceived in a continuum of time or space, as a glow, as an element or sign that deviates from the straight line of the duration. The combination of memory and imagination reveals the forms of matter. It is an «earthly matter,» a natural state that raises questions about the nature of sculpture, where gravity and freedom of matter are inherent.

In the work of Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou memory acquires the sense of mourning for the body. It finds her first hiding place in the body. It lives there, under the nails and hair, at the base of the clavicle, in the fingers. These forms, inspired by the dowry fabrics, create usable temporary accommodations, preserve, embrace and swallow.

An Earthly Matter

The unity of the works of Alkistis Mavrokefalou is born of the observation of the fictional and geometric boundaries of the imaginary convention of a creature called the Guardian, a character of a personal mythology called Carte Anatographica. It represents the parallel imaginary dimension of the real that is governed by the alternations of instinct and its crash.

In the work of Christie Boutsai, the «accords» of materials act as traces that leave their memory unchanged. They create real and fictitious links, which derive from previous information. Remains and fragments of those who left are standing up, building something new from the beginning.

An Earthly Matter

Works-results of conceptual gestures and actions that fertilize the relationships between the different elements and concepts they themselves give birth to. The place which contains the inner history of creative practice, the very diversity of the transition, the limitation of temporality and the secession from the present. Finally, a core with an archetypal array appears to mark the boundary space and brings out through the event the excluded subject, an empathy.

An Earthly Matter

Margarita Kataga

Art Historian

Acerca del autor

Galini Lazani

Museologist / Curator

Curator en ILEANA TOUNTA Contemporary Art Center


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