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Creative Estonia to help creative-minded people in countryside

What do these people who prefer to live in the countryside but are not occupied in agriculture? How do they earn their living? Creative Estonia was curious and discovered a problem – there are lot of creative- minded people who are lacking some skills to turn their hobbies into businesses. So, with the help of our partners and European Regional Fund we started a project “Creative Estonia+Regions” and for four years we had a splendid and inspiring time working with different…

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Industrias Creativas

CLAS – Collectif Local des Artisans du Spectacle

CLAS – Collectif Local des Artisans du Spectacle CLAS is an innovative project which drives mutualisation and management of entertainment equipment in the heart of the Landes department, rural territory of the New-Aquitaine Region. LABA supports the project through…

Industrias Creativas

Festival Demandafolk

Después de 13 ediciones, DEMANDAFOLK ha conseguido consolidarse como un referente dentro de las músicas tradicionales en el ámbito nacional, con una media de 4.500 asistentes anuales y un presupuesto que no anda ya demasiado lejos de los 100.000€;…

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